I met with a publisher lately to talk about my second novel. He had reached by telephone at first and he didn’t hide the fact that he esteemed my novel as great, especially for a newcomer. Unfortunately, he was a bit reluctant to move onwards with a publication because I had a weak appearance at social media. “We sell writers, not books”. I told him about compound interest and about the fact that for the first period it seems like you have no results until you start getting results rapidly. I told him that your best marketing plan never seizes to be the quality of your product. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. After all, you just need to approach the 20% of bookstagrammers that occupy 80% of the feed and have the most followers. But if your first book sucks, yes it may sell thanks to your network, but the second one won’t. I realized he cares more for numbers and quick results but I believe that recipe will fail for long-term goals and the establishment of solid foundations that guarantee endurance over time and lasting presence. He didn’t seem to understand. Apparently, he falls in the second category of metrics over mastery.

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