That is a really strong allegation. Do you want to back it up with some facts and evidence?

Because I am pretty sure this is not the case.

This has nothing to do with sexual entitlement or any other feminist propaganda that sees to perpetuate the problem and cause more divisiveness instead of addressing the actual source of it.

It is all about the lack of proper emotional education on the part of men. Whereas it is always appropriate for women to be emotional and express their feelings, for men it is always considered, falsely, of course, a sign of weakness. Boys are raised with this mentality. So they suppress their feelings and never learn how to recognize them, control them and most importantly when not to act on them. We know of course how psychologically devastating this can be for the individual. Just imagine a life where you have to hide shamefully your tears because “men don’t cry” or where everyone disregards your pain and struggle with arguments such as “be a man, grow some balls, don’t be a pussy”.

Men are human beings too that yearn for affection and love and understanding, but they get almost none during their lives.

However, this is the first side of a two-part problem.

The other one is that men aren’t allowed to be men anymore. Apparently, western society aspires to turn men into women, both figuratively and literally.

Has any woman considered why it is always “the nice guys” that reveal their worst self and get vindictive when rejected?

It’s because of the constant nagging on his so-called toxic masculinity that builds up to this. Being nice in the eyes of women means an amplification of your feminine side, but this results in the undernourishment of your masculine and aggressive side. By that, I don’t mean that it perishes, but that it grows stronger subconsciously till the moment it takes the control from you without realizing it. Being a man means embracing your shadow self, your dark side, your aggressiveness. It means acknowledging the monster you have within and nourishing it because only then you are able to tame it and have it under your command instead of the opposite.

P.S. There is already a term established for such violent acts in Criminology. They are called crimes of passion and for a good reason. Renaming them into rejection killings is missing the bigger picture thus no real solution can be provided.

Your article is dangerous in so many ways. Think better before suggesting something so corruptive and full of resentment.

Think. Create. Inspire.